New Yorkers Speak Out

Against Employment Credit Checks!

We salute Shelly, Lisa, Ramon, Onieka, Alfred, Angel, Emmett and Gustavo for sharing their powerful personal stories, and shining a light on how employment credit checks unfairly harm hardworking New Yorkers.

Were you turned down for work due to an employer checking your credit? Has NYC’s new law banning employment credit checks helped you? Contact us to share your story. 


 Alfred, Brooklyn

Alfred was among the first New Yorkers to speak out against employment credit checks, filming our very first testimonial back in 2011. Four years later, hear him discuss what the New York City Council’s vote to ban this practice means to New Yorkers, and how it felt to be part of the movement for change. 


 Ramón, Manhattan

Ramón discusses the difficulty faced by individuals who don’t possess a credit history, either because they’ve just finished college or have chosen to abstain from debt.


 Angel, Hunts Point

Angel tells of the devastating personal and economic consequences of the Credit Catch 22. His story proves that it’s not just new hires that have to contend with the problem – some employers terminate even long-term employees due to nothing more than a negative credit report.


 Shelly, Harlem

Shelly sent out hundreds of résumés before realizing that her credit was keeping her from getting a job.


 Lisa, Washington Heights

Lisa attended a for-profit school that closed after the New York State Education Department found numerous deficiencies in its operations. She was unable to complete her education at the school, and the loans she received now appear on her credit report in amounts far exceeding those for which the school can legitimately account. Now, not only can she not get a job in the fashion industry – her field of study – but credit checks are preventing her from finding employment in any field.


 Onieka, Washington Heights

During Onieka’s interview for a full-time managerial position at a department store, she was told there would be a credit check. Even though she had managerial experience and felt more than qualified, she did not receive the job. As a result, she has stayed at her lower paying job and had trouble paying back her student loans. Her student loans, of course, are on her credit report — a Catch-22.


Gustavo, Elmhurst

Gustavo applied for a position at J Crew and had a series of successful interviews. He was on his way to an orientation for new employees when the company called and cancelled, citing his credit report. The only “blemish” in his entire credit report was a loan that he had co-signed for his sister years before. He has been denied several other retail jobs since then, for the same reason.


Alfred, Brooklyn

Alfred was between jobs, without medical insurance, when he injured his knee and ended up with a hospital bill of more than $50,000. He was advised to file for bankruptcy. He had no idea that he would be denied several jobs as a result of the bankruptcy. Now working and back on his feet, he is joining the campaign to end employment credit checks in NYC.


Emmett, East Williamsburg

Emmett served in the Armed Forces for 30 years, and received the highest level security clearances. Recently, he applied for a job with the Transportation Security Administration and was denied due to an error on his credit report. Veterans like Emmett deserve better!


 March 2014 Reintroduction of the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act

Check out our video featuring highlights from the bill’s reintroduction rally, with remarks from advocates, Council Members, and individuals with first-hand knowledge of the devastating effects of employment credit checks.